August 15, 2020



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St. Mary's Church


Our Faith communities are unique in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and P.E.I.


We are two parishes that share a rector.


The Parish of Aylesford is one of the oldest in Nova Scotia. St. Mary's Auburn, was built in 1789-90 and consecrated on October 10, 1790 by Bishop Charles Inglis, first Anglican Bishop of British North America. This lovely old church was built with local materials and special woodwork, nails and windows brought by soldiers marching from Halifax to Annapolis Royal. This Georgian Style building is a unique adaptation of Sir Christopher Wren's skilled architectural design. Bishop Inglis's beloved home, Clermont, was built a short distance away.


St. Mary's has been a spiritual community landmark for over two centuries. Structural changes over the years include side galleries added in 1828, chancel extended 1890-91 and a north annex in 1986.


Our mission statement is:"To love and serve God, one another and the community."  We hope you will join us for worship and fellowship.


Service Times St. Mary's:

 1st and 3rd Sundays  9:00 am

 2nd and 4th Sundays 11:00 am

 5th Sundays as announced in the Bell Calendar (See under Events page)




Parishes of Aylesford and Berwick