August 15, 2020





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In 1875 a site was deeded to the Bishop of Nova Scotia in the town of Berwick, and in 1876 Christ Church Grafton was physically moved to its present location on Commercial Street. The Chancel and Vestry were added a few years later. The finished church was consecrated by Bishop Hibbert Binney in 1883. Christ Church became part of the Parish of Aylesford in 1889, and became a separate parish in 1921. A new parish hall was constructed in behind the church in 1958-59 and in 1990 a major expansion of the church was undertaken, adding more seating, a nursery and meeting room. At this time the main entrance was moved to face Commercial Street. Christ church has continued to grow, especially in recent years.


Our mission statement is:


"To proclaim God's love in Jesus Christ, and to welcome all to share it."   We hope you will join us in worship and fellowship.


 Service Times:  Christ Church Berwick:


1st and 3rd Sunday 11:00 am

 2nd and 4th Sunday 9:00 am

 5th Sunday as announced in the Bell Calendar. See Events page


Parishes of Aylesford and Berwick